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Multi-Camera Configuration for L515 Cameras


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  • Zulkifli Halim

    Hello Dfr,
    Thank you for reaching out.

    1. The two different camera technologies handle syncing very differently as outlined in the whitepapers that discuss syncing. And having an actual sync cable or signal that feeds into both camera technologies is something that we haven't investigated on our side. The D400 has a master/slave type of syncing mechanism with L515, the sync signal is basically turning off the laser in simple terms. And ramping up the laser takes time when the sync signal is initiated to the camera.
    2. Yes, the cameras will need to be connected via sync cables and will need to be configured in software to operate in Sync mode.
    3. For the third-party software, we cannot comment on it as it is not validated from our side. 

    Zulkifli Halim

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