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Many black spots than before I don't had


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  • MartyG

    Hi Mbaez  The significant increase in the number of gaps and holes looks as though it could be due to a reduction in Laser Power.  This could result from the value of the 'Laser Power' setting being reduced, or by the camera's laser being turned off.


    If you have not altered the Laser Power setting or disabled the camera's projector to turn off the laser, the laser could be shut off automatically by the laser safety mechanism within the camera's firmware driver if the camera's projector temperature rises above 60 degrees C for several seconds.


    The laser will also shut off if the projector temperature falls below 0 degrees C for several seconds.


    If your other cameras work normally on the same computer then a severe temperature rise on a specific camera could be caused by a bad USB cable.  You can monitor the camera's projector temperature in the Stereo Module > Controls section of the RealSense Viewer tool's options side-panel.

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