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  • MartyG

    Hi Yxliuwm  If your project is only using RealSense 400 Series cameras and you do not plan to change the depth unit scale then you may not need to retrieve the scale of the camera with an SDK instruction in real-time, as for all 400 Series models except D405 the scale can be hard-coded as a fixed default scale value of 0.001 (on D405 the default scale is 0.01).  0.001 indicates millimeter scale, while 0.01 indicates centimeter scale.


    If you prefer to set Laser Power before starting the pipeline then defining the value in a custom json camera configuration file and then loading that json file before starting the pipeline may be an option for you.  In the example DefaultPreset_D455 json file at the link below, the Laser Power can be defined with the parameter controls-laserpower



    A C++ code example of loading in the json file before the pipe start can be found here:


    Otherwise, if setting Laser Power with an RS2:: instruction then place the instructions after the pipe start.

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