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How can i decompress colored depth that compressed by realsense-ros package


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  • Zulkifli Halim

    Hello Shha,

    Thank you for contacting us.


    The depth image compression by colorization white-paper document was a proof-of-concept experiment published some years ago and whilst it is possible to implement the compression, it is now recommended that it not be used and alternative depth compression methods be used instead, such as LZ4, as discussed at #8117


    Whilst it is recommended that the paper's compression method not be used, RealSense users are of course able to try it if they wish to do so,


    If your preference is to continue with depth compression by colorization then there are limited references available for debugging problems with it unfortunately due to the experimental nature of the paper and the small number of RealSense users who attempted to use it. The best available reference is at the link below.




    Zulkifli Halim

    Intel Customer Support 

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