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The horizontal pixel of IR1 stream and color stream is not identical for D405


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  • MartyG

    Hi Yinghaogo  I tested my D405 on a scene where there was a small notch in an area of it for reliable positioning of the mouse cursor on the two streams.  I was able to confirm the horizontal 5 pixel difference between the Infrared 1 and Color coordinates, shown below (x = 690 IR, x = 695 color).  



    In the next test, I compared the coordinates of Infrared 1 with RGB8 from the left infrared sensor (the D405 can stream both conventional RGB and RGB8 from the left sensor instead of Y8 infrared) and the coordinates were an exact match.


    The 5 pixel difference may be a consequence of the method by which the conventional RGB image is generated from the depth sensor (as D405 does not have its own separate RGB sensor component) and then enhanced by the Image Signal Processor (ISP).

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