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Unity recorder is playing bag files too fast



  • MartyG

    Hi Alexis Matton  I recorded test bags in Unity 2021.1.16f1 and played them back in both multithread and Unity thread modes but was not able to replicate the playback speed multiplication that you described.

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  • Alexis Matton

    Hello MartyG, thank you for the reply. But my issue appears only when i launch the unity recorder in order to capture video of my game. When i play the scene without the recorder everything is fine. It's a known problem of the Unity recorder, most of the time the animations are not read with the good speed. You can solve this problem by changing some settings of the recorder like vsync and captured FPS, but this trick doesn't work for the bag files playback. And also, i have 6 Realsense gameobject with different bag files, i guess Unity can't handle this.

    Here is a video exemple of the issue : 

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