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How to properly configure D405 for optimal depth performance within 10cm to 25cm range?


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  • MartyG

    Hi Dhongfhel  Changing the Stereo Module > Advanced Controls > Depth Table > Depth Units option in the RealSense Viewer does not have a significant visual effect on the image quality with the D405 camera model.  It instead changes the scale at which the depth value of the coordinates is reported. 


    Setting Depth Clamp Min and Depth Clamp Max also does not noticably alter the image on D405, but if you are already using the Threshold Filter post-processing filter (which does affect the image) then you do not need to use the depth clamp settings.


    With the other Depth Units option at Stereo Module > Controls, changing this is something that I would not recommend on D405 as it uses a different scale to the other 400 Series models (0.01 by default instead of 0.001).  So changing the depth units of this setting to 0.001 or 0.0001 reduces the amount of detail on the depth image, turning the image black.

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