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D430 integration (function of optical elements)


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  • MartyG

    Hi Roman Leuzinger  Using a gasket isolates the left and right sensors from the light emitted by the module's projector component, which could otherwise disrupt the image if the projector's light was able to leak into the sensors.



    You do not necessarily need a gasket though. An alternative solution is to paint the cover material black and leave holes on the surface of the material that match up to the positions of the sensors.  One way to do this would be to place sticky tape on the locations where the holes should be and then spray-paint the cover material and then remove the tape to reveal the unpainted holes for light to pass through.  Alternatively, black duct tape could be placed on the material with gaps that correspond to where the holes will be.


    Pre-made masks are not available for purchase and need to be custom-created by the integrator.  The gasket design can either be a mask that covers the front of the camera, or separate pieces that place a border around the camera like the image below.  It could be significantly easier to find pre-made general plastic pieces that will fit snugly around each sensor.



    Ultimately, the use of gaskets is optional and the majority of RealSense users who have assembled a depth module and D4 board have not mentioned using a gasket in their project.

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