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D435i disconnects freaquently with realsense-ros


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  • MartyG

    Hi Mfazil  A particular RealSense ROS wrapper version should ideally be matched as closely as possible with a specific librealsense SDK version listed in that wrapper's release notes.  The recommended SDK match for ROS1 wrapper 2.3.2 is 2.50.0, though 2.51.1 should also work with it.


    Because development of the ROS1 wrapper has ceased at 2.3.2, each subsequent SDK release is likely to become increasingly incompatible with wrapper 2.3.2.  You may therefore achieve increased stability if you install SDK 2.51.1 from source code and then build wrapper 2.3.2 from source code.


    If you do install SDK 2.51.1 then your camera firmware version should be downgraded from to


    If the camera is able to operate correctly for hours before a problem occurs then this can indicate that the problem may be with a glitch in a non-camera aspect of the setup such as the computer hardware, kernel, operating system or the USB system (the port or the cable).  For example, if the camera casing is hot to the touch after only a few minutes after starting the camera from a cold state then this could indicate a flaw in the USB port or cable that is causing electrical overheating.


    You could also try adding initial_reset:=true to your roslaunch instruction to reset the camera at launch to see whether this leads to an improvement in stability.

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