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wrong values of angles in test app


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    Jesus Garcia

    Hello Vns955,

    The Intel_RealSense_DWS_v1.1.pdf defines the DWS_Box: planeAngles: 1x3 float array, representing averaged angle to that plane.

    The DWS SDK outputs six Angles[0-5]. The mapping to the planeAngles from your DWS_box in Visual Studio is:

    planeAngles[0] = Avg(DWS SDK Angle[3], [4])

    planeAngles[1] = Avg(DWS SDK Angle[0], [5])

    planeAngles[2] = Avg(DWS SDK Angle[1], [2])

    Looking at DWS_Types.h and DWS_SDK.h, the SDK does not give access to the Angles[0-5] array other than what it prints out.

    It took me a while to figure it out. :)

    Jesus G.
    Intel Customer Support


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