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Reduce RealSense data output



  • Zulkifli Halim

    Hello Smoker77,


    It may be difficult to support two RealSense cameras on a single Raspberry Pi Zero but there are some things you can do to reduce the bandwidth and power requirements.


    To reduce the amount of data coming from the D435, choose from lower resolutions and frame rates as listed in the D400 datasheet, section 4.2 Vision Processor D4 Data Streams.


    The T265 sensors cannot be customized but they can be turned on or off as shown in the attached picture."



    Zulkifli Halim

    Intel Customer Support

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  • Smoker77

    Hello Halim,

    Thank you very much for your reply, I will try do it.

    Some more questions regarding T265 - can I call some function from librealsense2 API to turn on or off T265 like in the GUI on your screenshot? Or I need to close all objects related to T265 by the same way as before closing application and then (when turning on) create these objects again?  What is estimated time for these operations (on and off)? 

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