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he interface device that connects the Intel RealSense Depth Camera D457 to a PC,



  • MartyG

    Hi Yoshiaki-tanaka Thanks very much for your questions.


    1. The D457 is compatible with products that contain Maxim MAX9296 de-serializer technology.  A de-serializer, which is not supplied with the camera and must be purchased separately, is required to decode the camera streams at host side. 


    The company Leopard Imaging offer a PCI-e GMSL card product that contains a Maxim MAX9296A de-serializer.


    Leopard Imaging also offer a de-serializer - LI-GMSL2-IPX-DESER - with Maxim MAX9296A, which Intel have confirmed is compatible with D457.


    The purchase of a de-serializer is not necessary if using the D457-supporting equipment supplied by Connect Tech.


    An additional requirement for using the camera with GMSL is a reference driver.  This driver is compatible for use with the Jetson AGX Xavier computing board and Intel's own model of de-serializer board.


    If a non-Intel de-serializer or a computer / computing device other than AGX Xavier then the driver must be ported to the hardware that the customer is using.  Intel are unable to assist with this porting process unfortunately.


    2.  The D457 GMSL / FAKRA camera model can be used as a conventional USB camera by removing a small cap on the camera's casing and moving a switch from the default 'MIPI' position to the 'USB' position.  The camera will then be detected as a D455 and have the same performance and feature-set as a D455, with the added IP65 dust and water protection that the D457's casing provides.


    D457 has a USB port in addition to its GMSL / FAKRA connector, so a GMSL to USB adaptor is not necessary.  The reference driver is not required for using the camera in USB mode.



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  • MartyG

    In USB mode a de-serializer is also not required and the camera can be used with most computers and single-board computing devices with a USB port, like the other camera models in the RealSense 400 Series product range.


    If your preference is to use D457 in GMSL mode, Intel recommend Connect Tech's product for easy 'out of the box' setup and testing of the camera.  There is then the option to proceed to using the camera with your own choice of de-serializer and the reference driver when moving a project from the testing stage to production.

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