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Which camera use for infrared analysis?


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  • MartyG

    Hi Pedrovigano1997  The official information page for the RealSense D435f camera model highlights depth noise quality and improved range as the primary advantages of the filter.


    The D435f / D435if models have a smaller RGB FOV than the depth FOV though, whilst the D455 model has a large FOV on both the RGB and depth sensors that is almost the same (87° × 58° for depth and 90° × 65° for RGB).


    The D457 model, when operating in USB mode instead of its default MIPI mode, is detected as a D455, with the same feature-set and performance as D455 but with the added advantage of a casing with IP65 protection against dust and water, which is useful for using the camera outdoors.


    Regarding the desired minimum distance of 0.2 m, D435f and D435if can meet this.  The D455 has a larger minimum depth sensing distance than D435f / D435if of around 0.4 m, though a setting called Disparity Shift can be used to reduce the minimum distance at the cost of reducing the maximum depth sensing range.


    D435f, D435if, D455 and D457 can all operate outdoors during day and night, as they are equipped with an infrared projector for darkness conditions.

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