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Electrically Grounding Multiple Cameras onto the same metal frame


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  • MartyG

    Hi Ricky Sato  I have not previously seen a case with a similar ground loop.  Instead of using ordinary plastic screws though, perhaps a non-conductive screw with strength as strong as metal screws could be considered, such as carbon fibre.  The link below has an example of such a product.


    Nylon screws are also considered to be strong.


    If metal screws are the preferred solution, perhaps the inside of the mounting holes could be isolated with a nylon screw sleeve inserted in the M4 size mounting holes on the back of the camera, and a smaller metal screw inserted in the sleeve and therefore isolated from the walls of the mounting hole..


    Another possibility may be to use ordinary plastic screws for the mounting holes and use a USB cable with a screw lock connector with threads that lock the cable firmly into small holes either side of the micro-sized USB connector on the base of the D455.  This may add some rigidity to the assembly to compensate for the weaker mounting hole screws.

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