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  • MartyG

    Hi Roberto Mangano  The SR300 is no longer available and is out of stock at most of the major online suppliers of RealSense products.


    The only stockist I could find that lists the SR300 Depth Module PCB or the SR305 (an SR300 USB camera with an updated outer casing) in the quantities that you require was AliExpress


    The SR305 originally retailed for $99 on the official RealSense Store.


    The SR300 depth module is listed here:


    You may wish to make a test purchase of a single unit before committing to a large order.

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  • Roberto Mangano

    Thank you Marty, but these are information that I know very well from Google and other places.
    That's why I am looking here between people who might have some cameras available (in bulk or not)
    Thank you very much!

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