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Camera for power line inspection



  • MartyG

    Hi Dlagunes  If you need to depth sense at up to 20 m then the RealSense D455 camera model can meet your requirement.  Its infrared and RGB sensors can see further than that.


    Whilst the D455 can depth-sense at long range, its ideal maximum depth sensing range of the D455 for optimal depth accuracy is 6 m, so accuracy of depth readings will progressively reduce over beyond 6 m as distance from the camera increases.


    If the camera needs to operate outdoors in all weathers then the D457 model can operate as a D455 when used on a USB connection and additionally has IP65-rated protection against water and dust.


    Below is a depth image that I captured with a D455 observing power lines at the full 20 m range.  You can see that at 20 m, a thin object such as a power line is difficult for the camera to perceive, especially when observing open sky without background detail at that distance.  So whilst it can see to 20 m, the power line would have to be depth-sensed at closer range to obtain a clear image of it.



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  • Dlagunes


    Thanks for the information and the example image.



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