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3D scanning of objects max size 2x2x2cm at a distance 5 to 10cm and produce memory accessible pointcloud


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  • MartyG

    Hi Girit  Whilst the default minimum depth sensing range of the D405 camera model is 7 cm, it can be reduced as low as 4 cm using a setting called Disparity Shift.


    In regards to your questions:


    1.  The official accuracy rating of the D405 is less than 2% error at 50 cm distance.  D405 provides high quality, high accuracy images at very close range.  


    2.  Yes, it is simple to generate a textured pointcloud where the color data is mapped onto the cloud's depth points.


    3.  Capture of pointcloud frames should be almost instantaneous.  Download of single frames of pointcloud data will also be rapid.  If the saving of single frames was automated then it would likely be completed in a second.


    This can be tested by using the free RealSense Viewer tool to generate a pointcloud in its 3D pointcloud mode and then using the Viewer's export controls to save a frame as a .ply format file that can be imported into an external program.


    4.  In terms of RealSense, Region of Interest (ROI) refers to defining a section of the image whose pixels will be maintained at a preset intensity that can be user-defined. 


    A range of pre-made post-processing filters are provided, such as the Decimation Filter which reduces the complexity of the depth image by downsampling its resolution.


    5.  Yes, you can rotate a 3D pointcloud with the mouse.  The SDK provides example programs for doing so, such as rs-pointcloud


    6.  The SDK supports hardware sync to initiate capture via an external trigger pulse.  However, D405 is not equipped with the hardware sync pins to use this feature.


    It is possible to access a RealSense camera with more than one application if that application follows the SDK's Multi-Streaming Model rules.


    7.  It is possible to change parameters that affect the image during runtime, though resolution and frames per second (FPS) speed cannot be changed once a program is started.  It is possible to stop a program momentarily, change the resolution and FPS and restart the program.

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