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Intel Realsense D435 camera compatibility issues.



  • MartyG

    Hi Ihyunp1113  It could be an issue with the USB controllers that this particular PC uses.  The ports on a PC are handled by a USB controller, typically with one controller for each port.  The controllers can be different brand-names, and on rare occasions the brand that the computer manufacturer chose may have a bearing on how well the ports work with RealSense cameras.


    A way to test whether the USB controller is responsible may be to use the camera in a USB hub on the computer instead of plugging the camera directly into the computer's ports.  A USB hub will have its own brand of USB controller separate from those of the computer's and so a camera may work better when plugged into the hub and handled by the hub's controller.

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  • Ihyunp1113

    Hello MartyG, thank you so much for the answer. I do not have my hands on a USB hub at the moment, so I will need to try it later. As soon as I do, I will get back to you

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