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Can I use Depth Module D450/D430 + Vision Processor without a heat sink?


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  • MartyG

    Hi Daiyudi93  It is quite common for a Depth Module and a Vision Processor D4 Board to be used without attaching a heat sink.  However, lack of airflow could be a problem as without a heat sink, temperature generated by the boards would be unable to radiate away from the boards and overheating of them would likely occur.  Lack of air can be a cause of overheating in electronics in outer space.  In an airless environment, a heat sink would be advisable to draw heat away from the electronics as much as possible.


    As long as the operating temperature of the depth module does not exceed 35 degrees C (42 at the most) then the camera should be able to operate normally.  If the temperature rises above 42 then problems could manifest in the image, and if it exceeds 60 degrees C then the projector's laser will shut off.  the camera can continue to operate with the laser disabled but depth image quality may reduce.

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