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Frame Drop issue


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  • MartyG

    Hi Sundaramoorthi S  The number of RealSense cameras that a single-board computer can support simultaneously will depend on the board's hardware specification.  Raspberry Pi is best suited to one camera per Pi, like in the RealSense ethernet networking tool shown below.



    Some other types of single-board computer such as Up Squared and Nvidia Jetson can handle more than one attached RealSense camera though.


    In regard to FPS drop, if you go to the Post-Processing option in the options side-panel of the RealSense Viewer and left-click on it to turn the icon beside it from blue (On) to red (Off) then this will disable all post-processing filters.  As post-processing is calculated on the computer's CPU and not in the camera hardware, filters can be processing-intensive and so disabling all filters may reduce burden on the Pi's CPU.

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