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Updating firmware of D457 in USB Mode


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  • MartyG

    Hi Gatordevin  Yes, it is fine to update the firmware of the D457 in the RealSense Viewer's firmware update function under the More option when the camera is detected as D455 in USB mode.


    RealSense 400 Series firmware drivers work with all RealSense models.


    When the camera is detected as D457 on a GMSL / FAKRA connection, you can now update the D457's firmware in the rs-fw-update tool from RealSense SDK version 2.54.2 onwards.



    In the Recommended Firmware section of the release notes for the RealSense SDK, the recommended firmware for each SDK version is listed.  Installing a firmware other than the recommended one for a specific SDK version increases the risk of errors occurring, or a bricking if the firmware that is installed is old enough.


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