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D405 as a stereo camera


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  • MartyG

    Hi Josh  The D405 camera model can output high quality depth, infrared and RGB color images at 1280x720 (720p) and 30 FPS.  The monochrome images (the ones that you plan to use) are infrared, and the camera can provide a pair of left and right infrared images.  The 16-bit depth stream is the blue one below.


    The ideal depth sensing range of the D405 model is 7 cm to 50 cm.  This distance limitation does not apply to the left and right infrared images though, so the distance of the camera from the face will not matter. 




    In regards to which RealSense model will be the most suitable, the D405 model is not equipped with an infrared projector component.  So if you anticipate that the camera may be used in low-light or dark locations and the depth image is not going to be used, the D435 or the D455 (which has a wider field of view than D435 and can see more of the scene) would be suitable. If your scene will be well illuminated though then the D405 will be an appropriate choice.


    An Unreal Engine 5 plugin for RealSense shared by a RealSense community member is available at the link below.

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