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On the data of self-location estimation by T265


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  • Wai Fook Wan

    Hi Keikun6313,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.


    When T265 tracking starts, an origin coordinate system is created and RealSense SDK provides T265 poses relative to it. 


    World's Y axis is always aligned with gravity and points to the sky. World's X and Z axes are not globally set, but determined when tracking starts based on the initial orientation of the T265 device with the initial -Z world axis as the projection of the camera axis to the ground plane. 


    This does mean that the initial yaw can seem random when the device is started in a downward facing configuration, say on the drone. All T265 (and librealsense) coordinate systems are right-handed.


    For more information, please refer to





    Intel Customer Support

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