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Seeking Stereo 3D Camera for Outdoor Use (Longer Range than D405)



  • MartyG

    Hi Daphna  Any camera in the RealSense 400 Series range other than D405 can meet the 0.5 m to 1.5 m distance requirement and can be used outdoors.


    Based on your criteria, the D455f model is likely to best meet your requirements for the following reasons. 

    -  It has a minimum depth sensing range of 0.5 m and a maximum of 20 m

    -  It is equipped with a light-blocking filter on its sensors

    -  The D455 class of cameras can provide an RGB color image from the left infrared sensor instead of the RGB sensor that is perfectly matched to the depth map without having to perform depth-color alignment.  The D435 type camera models do not support this feature.

    -  Its depth sensing is 2x as accurate over distance as the D435 type camera models.


    If you anticipate the camera needing to operate in dusty or wet weather conditions and can compromise on the light filtering then the D456 model has an IP65-rated casing that protects against dust and water entry.

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  • Daphna

    Hi MartyG,
    Thanks for the detailed explanation and recommendation of the D455f!
    To clarify my understanding of the RGB capabilities, is it correct that the left IR sensor can generate a usable RGB image that's perfectly aligned with the depth map, similar to the RGB sensor on the D405? Unlike the D435, where depth and color alignment would be required?

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  • MartyG

    Depth-color alignment is optional.  You can have separate depth and color images too.


    The D405 and the D455 class of camera can provide two different types of RGB.  One is a 'normal' RGB image.  The other is an 'RGB from left infrared sensor' image that differs in how it is colored. 


    There is a side by side comparison of the two types from a D405 in the image below.  RGB is left and RGB from IR is right.



    The D405 is able to produce a normal RGB image without an RGB sensor because the generated RGB image is passed through an Image Signal Processor (ISP) chip inside the camera to produce the final image.  The D455 models are equipped with a separate RGB sensor and so do not need to do this.

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