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Wireless Connectivity for D405


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  • MartyG

    Hi Avi Shoham  Any solution is likely to at least involve having a USB cable connected to the camera.  If you want to have the camera separated wirelessly at a distance from the computer then it may be worth considering a USB Over IP hub device to communicate between the camera and the distantly located computer over a network.  Googling for the term usb over ip hub will provide more information.  The link below has an example of what can be found in search results.


    RealSense cameras have not been tested with USB over IP devices as far as I am aware though (it is more typical to communicate wirelessly between two computers), so I cannot offer guarantees about how well it would work.


    Another option that could be explored is having the camera connected to a remote computer and streaming the camera images to an internet page.  The links below have a couple of examples of tools for rendering the camera in a web browser.

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