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Realsense D457 needs any additional equipment to work?


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  • MartyG

    By default the D457 camera model operates as a MIPI camera that requires a compatible deserializer product to be purchased separately (a popular choice is one from a company called Leopard Imaging) and also a special software driver.  The camera will not function on a GMSL/FAKRA cable connection without these.


    However, if you purchase a D457-compatible computer system from the company Connect Tech then it is not necessary to purchase the deserializer as the necessary technology is included in their product.  They also provide a driver.


    Further Information about the subjects mentioned above can be found at the following links.


    If a physical switch in the D457's casing is moved sidewards though then the camera can use a USB cable connection like the other cameras in the RealSense 400 Series range and be detected as the D455 model.  When switched into USB mode, a deserializer board and the special driver are not required and the camera works when simply inserted into a USB port.


    If you have no plans to use the MIPI functionality then a D456 camera would be an appropriate alternative choice, as it behaves as a D455 and has the same protection against water and dust as D457.  

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