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SR300 comply with UL-94 standard? (inflammability safety)



  • MartyG

    Pages 43-46 of the SR300 data sheet document (updated in June 2019 to include the new SR305 model) contain regulatory and certification information about the SR300 model.

    The advice I have seen is that if a particular certification is not listed in the data sheet then the product was not tested for it.  UL-94 is not listed directly in the data sheet.  I have never encountered a case of an SR300 catching alight by itself during the 5 year history of RealSense, though I do not know how the board would react in terms of flammability if exposed to flame generated by another source.

    The UL safety certification details for the SR300 that are listed in the data sheet are as follows:

    UL 60950-1 2nd Edition, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07, Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part 1: General Requirements

    Further research found that the UL 60950-1 standard references UL-94.

    Intel also have a regulatory information web-page relating to their RealSense 400 Series and T265 product ranges.

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  • Amana



    I couldn't find a reference to UL-60950-1 in the datasheet first edition. How come? does it mean that this standard is applicable to the SR305 model only?

    Or I can be sure its applicable to the SR300?


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  • MartyG

    I compared the regulatory information in edition 1 and 2, and the UL-60950-1 qualification does seem to have been added for the second edition released in June 2019.  Its absence from edition 1 probably means that the original SR300 was not tested for the UL standard when first released in 2016, since the data sheet lists all standards that a RealSense camera has been tested for.

    The data sheet effectively treats the SR300 and SR305 as two separate products:

    (a) The SR300 Depth Module camera board for system integrators

    (b) The SR305, a cased camera that has an SR300 Depth Module camera board inside it.

    The NRTL regulatory statement about UL-60950-1 in the Second Edition data sheet does not make a distinction between the SR300 and SR305 models.  

    On a careful reading of the data sheet, I note that the SR300 and SR305 are collectively referred to in edition 2 as the 'SR300 Series Product Family' instead of just the singular 'SR300' on edition 1 of the data sheet.  In that context, I believe that the mention that "this product has been tested and certified by UL" refers to the SR300 Series collectively, covering both SR300 and SR305.


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