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T261 interposer card with a USB connector



  • MartyG

    I have never been able to locate a source for purchasing the T261 interposer card separately.  I performed another extensive search today to confirm that it cannot be found.  I have to unfortunately conclude that it is only provided inside the T265. 

    This is similar to how a D435 camera is given an RGB sensor by attaching it separately to the D430 Depth Module board, but you cannot buy the RGB sensor used in the D435 yourself to attach it to your own D430 board.

    It is likely not impossible to manufacture your own interposer adapter board.  It was done by users with the original-generation RealSense cameras in 2015 before official USB adapter board products became available for it and subsequent RealSense models.

    The T261 uses a Novastack 35-P board to board connector for its power and signal connectivity, and the pin details are on pages 13 to15 of the dedicated data sheet for the T261. 


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  • Zoltanbardos


    I have found a product that may help with your issue:  USB C TO INTEL® REALSENSE™ T261 ADAPTER BUNDLE

    To quote the web page, it is "an adapter to connect to the other end of the ribbon that plugs into the T261 NOVASTACK adapter. This adapter provides access to the T261’s USB 3 and USB 2 pins via a female USB-C connector."

    Hope this helps

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