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T265 outdoor use


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  • MartyG

    RealSense T265 related question are now being handled on the RealSense GitHub forum.  Please post this question and future T265 ones at the link below by visiting the page and clicking the "New Issue" button.  I apologise for the inconvenience. 


    Having said that .. I have never heard of an IP rated (dust / water proof) protective case for the T265 or a pre-made instantly purchasable solution.  There is a 3D printing blueprint for a cover on the Thingiverse model site though. 

    The T265 can be used outdoors though, and has been used both for ground robots and flying drones, so it is likely to be able to stand up to a moderate amount of rain and dust.

    If you find that you have any need for a RealSense depth camera that needs robust water and dust protection, the vision company FRAMOS produce an own-brand variant of the RealSense D435 called the FRAMOS D435e that is IP66 rated, so it is dust-proof and can be dropped into water without a protective casing.  It can also operate at 55 degrees C, compared to a maximum recommended temperature of 35 degrees C for the RealSense 400 Series cameras.  Because it is an industrial camera, it has a price premium compared to the RealSense D435 though.  And although FRAMOS is an Intel partner company, FRAMOS are responsible for the D435e's technical support and not Intel. 

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