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what is the differences betweet "sr300 developer kit" and "Intel RealSense Depth Module SR300 (20 pack)"


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  • MartyG

    SR300 Depth Module Kits should behave like the SR300 Developer Kit camera.  The difference is that the SR300 Depth Module Kit is a camera on a circuit board without an outer casing or USB connector (a USB adaptor board for the Depth Kit Module is available separately), whilst the SR300 Developer Kit is a cased USB 3 camera that can be simply plugged into the USB port of a computer.

    It has become apparent since the SR305's launch that it may have compatibility problems with software that is very strict about how it identifies an SR300 camera.  Faceshift is one of the best known examples of SR300-compatible software that has problems.  Even in early 2016 it stopped working with some original SR300 cameras.  The software is not updated for modern cameras because Faceshift was purchased by Apple and made no longer available to purchase.

    Where possible I recommend trying the newer FaceRig face morphing software instead, though I understand that there are functions that only Faceshift can provide.

    There were a couple of third-party SR300 compatible cameras, the Creative BlasterX Senz3D and the Razer Stargazer.  I did an extensive retailer search for these and the official SR300 Developer Kit but could not find retailers that had them in stock unfortunately.

    Instead of getting a 20-pack of modules, it may be less of a risk if you purchase a single module and single USB adaptor to test with.  A supplier of individual units of RealSense products is a very reliable company called Rutronik24

    SR300 Depth Kit Module: 

    SR300 USB adaptor board: 

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