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Recommended hardware for Intel Robot Devkit


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  • MartyG

    The 6th generation of Intel processors dates from around early 2016.   Intel processors are up to 10th generation now at the time of writing this in 2020.

    When Intel processor generations are mentioned, it commonly refers to Intel Core processors.  So when researching suitable computers, good search terms to use are 'intel core 8th generation', 'intel core 9th generation', etc.

    Intel Core processor code numbers will typically have an 'i' number to indicate their performance - i3, i5, i7 or i9 - and then a number.  The first value in this number refers to the processor generation.  So "i5-9400" would indicate that it is a processor with mid-range i5 performance and is 9th generation (because of "9"400).  The higher the i number, the better the performance, with i3 being the entry level and i9 being the most powerful.

    If a Core type processor is recommended for the robot project in the link then the Up Squared board would not be suitable.

    If an ADlink Neuron Board is no longer available, the Intel robot devkit project page suggests as an alternative an Intel NUC (CPU: Intel i7-6700HQ @2.60GHz, Mem:16G). 

    NUCs are mini PCs small enough to mount on a mobile robot.  Intel presented a seminar with a mobile robot equipped with a NUC, T265 and D435 (see the 17 minute 15 second point in the video). 

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