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More specific CPU requirements


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  • MartyG

    Hi Beele  Those requirements apply to the SR300 / SR305 cameras.  The newer 400 Series cameras (D415, D435/i, D455) work with any Intel or Arm processors though, even ones that are very old.

    It should be noted that if your project uses RealSense SDK 2.0, the RealSense Viewer program bundled in the SDK now needs Skylake or newer due to a dependency on software called OpenVINO.  You can download separately a version of the RealSense Viewer that is not affected by this issue though.

    So they are an excellent choice for budget computers.  Whilst they cost more than an SR305, you will be saving some of your budget through being able to use a lower-spec computer and having a huge range of choices that can work with the camera.

    If your project requires an SR300 / SR305 ... then the certainty of a Core processor would be preferable, but the SR300 at least has been able to work sometimes with non-Core processors of 6th generation or newer.  It is a gamble though whether they will work with a Celeron, so a 400 Series would be a much safer choice of camera.

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