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compress large .bag file


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  • Rizal Marzuki

    Hi Deepak,

    Can you verify if the compression is working by using the tools/rs-rosbag-inspector to check if the bag files were compressed or not.
    (If the rosbag-inspector is not available you may need to compile it from source.)

    Attached here are three screenshots that show what rs-rosbag-inspector should look like when loading compressed, no compression, and device default bag files, all recorded with T265.

    If the file is compressed it should show:
    Compression: lz4
    uncompressed size < compressed size (these two numbers seem reversed. It seems like uncompressed size is the actual final compressed file size, and compressed size is the size of the file if it had not been compressed)

    If the file is not compressed it should show:
    Compression: none
    compressed size = uncompressed size


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