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what hardware would be best for tracking a cricket ball.



  • MartyG

    Hi Tharindu L  Yes, it is possible with a RealSense camera.  You should use a model with a fast global shutter.   That would be a D435, D435i or D455.  The global shutter can handle capturing at speeds as fast as a vehicle travelling at high speed.

    If you anticipate needing to use RGB color (i.e a normal photographic image) then the D455 has a fast global shutter on its RGB sensor that will help to avoid blurring when capturing high speed motion.

    The higher the frames per second (FPS) the better when capturing very fast motion. For example, there was a case a few months ago involving exploring the possibility of using RealSense to track a baseball. 

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  • Tharindu L

    Thanks MartyG for your helpful reply. D455 seems like a good fit for my project. I will continue my project using it. 

    Thank you for your assistance.


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