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  • MartyG

    Hi Jens Nirme I would recommend using the original cable supplied with the camera if you are satisfied with a 1 meter cable length.  For longer cable lengths, cable quality is very important to avoid performance reduction or camera disconnections.  Intel's official data sheet document for the 400 Series cameras recommends Newnex as a supplier of USB cables for the 400 Series.  Newnex can provide industrial-grade USB equipment. 

    The RealSense Viewer has a built-in face detector that can place a boundary box around a detected head, but it does not have built-in face landmark detection and analysis. 

    If you are able to develop your own application, the RealSense SDK's rs-face-dlib example program may be useful to study..  

    The RealSense SDK also provides the ability for self-written applications to hardware-accelerate the processing of depth-to-color alignment by using an Nvidia graphics device such as an NVidia GPU / video card to provide CUDA supportor by applying a GLSL function in the SDK that is vendor-neutral (can use any graphics GPU).

    For advanced face analysis and emotion estimation though, the RealSense-compatible commercial software Nuitrack SDK may meet your needs and also save a lot of development time and labor.


    Nuitrack SDK 

    Nuitrack SDK face tracking and analysis 

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