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    Jesus Garcia

    Hello PBaena,

    All of your questions are answered on the RealSenseID Github page.

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    • The RealSenseID Datasheet has performance information in the tables in section 4.2 Face Authentication.
    • The F450 FA SW Architecture Diagram shows the relationship of the Host to the F450 device. The host is merely a computing device that communicates directly with the F450 and can run the RealSense ID API. The host can be a very lightweight microcontroller, a PC, or whatever can execute the applications that use the RealSenseID API.
    • Server-side means only that the Faceprint database is stored in the host, not the F450 itself. As shown in the F450 FA SW Architecture Diagram, the F450 communicates with the host via a UART or USB interface. The F450 cannot communicate directly with a host over a network. Beyond the host, it is up to the solution developer to implement the communication with downstream systems.  The scope of the RealSenseID SDK is only between the host that is directly connected to the F450.
    • The Server Mode methods are listed here.

    Jesus G.
    Intel Customer Support

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  • Pbaena

    Great info.

    Thank you @...

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