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Realsense SR300 to SR305



  • MartyG

    Hi Kali-yt  Firmware driver files are not provided for the SR300 / SR305 in the same way that they are for 400 Series cameras.  The firmware driver is bundled into the SDK. 

    Please left-click on the Viewer's 'i' information option at the top of the side-panel to show the camera information.  If the firmware version is then you may not get the menu option to update to recommended firmware as you have the most recent already.

    It should be fine to leave the camera as it is if it currently detected as SR300, as the SR305 is an SR300 with a new outer casing that makes it easier to mount.  It has an SR300 circuit board inside.

    Regarding the RGB, the SR300 technology is nearly 5 years old now and so its technical capabilities are more limited than modern RealSense cameras such as the 400 Series and L515.

    You can test the RGB of the camera outside of the RealSense SDK in the Windows Camera app.  You can find this by typing the word camera into the search box at the bottom of your Windows screen, next to the corner button where you shut down the computer.

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  • Kali-yt

    Hi MartyG
    my firmware version is
    Thanks a lot for your explanations.

    i tested the camera outside SDK with the same result. i asked because i was surprise but i thought it was younger. The age seems to be a valid explanation.

    Thank you for your fast answer.

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