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intel-realsense-dfu detects D430 instead of D435



  • MartyG

    Hi Shigeyoshi Ohara

    A D435 may be identified as a D430 by the camera's firmware driver if the RGB sensor cannot be detected.  In extremely rare cases this may be because an internal cable in the D435 connected to the RGB sensor has detached.  That is unlikely in this case though since more than one camera is affected and it is so rare for a detached cable to happen to even one camera.

    A more likely cause may be a problem with the firmware driver that is currently installed in the camera.  In some past cases of a D435 being identified as a D430, performing a firmware update has corrected the issue.

    Are the affected cameras able to be correctly identified as D435 in the RealSense Viewer tool, please? If so then firmware updating can be performed in the Viewer instead of the intel-realsense-dfu.exe tool.


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  • Shigeyoshi Ohara


    Thank you so much. I will try.



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