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Replacement product of L515



  • Aznie Syaarriehaah

    Hi Wonhee,
    Thanks for reaching out to us.
    Yes, you’re right. L515 is being discontinued as of February 2022.
    The suggested alternatives for L515 are D455 and D435i.

    Please visit the following page for more information:
    Message To Customers

    Intel RealSense Customer Support

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  • Pamodio

    Hi Aznie,

    Since one suggested alternative for L515 is the D455, I have a question.
    Is this backward compatible with the L515? If we buy the D455, and install it in our system will it plug-in and operate without any additional issues or changes for us? I assume initially or time-to-time the D455 will require firmware updates, but also do the L515 and D455 use the same software libraries?

    Kind regards, 

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  • MartyG

    Hi Pamodio Both the L515 and D455 cameras use the same RealSense SDK software, and a program script that was originally written for L515 can typically be used with 400 Series camera models such as the D455 with minimal changes. 

    The most common changes required in a script would be for resolutions that are not supported by the 400 Series, such as 1024x768 depth, though this change can be made very quickly. 

    Any references to SDK programming instructions or Visual Preset camera configurations (such as Short Range, Low Ambient Light, etc) that are specific to the L515 camera model only would also have to be removed from the script.

    If you use pre-made RealSense SDK tools and examples such as the RealSense Viewer then the D455 can be immediately used 'plug and play' with them without having to change their code.

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