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Including Realsense SDK into my own C++ Project


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  • MartyG

    Hi Lukas Rauch - welcome to the RealSense community  :)

    If you are new to developing C++ RealSense applications then the easiest way to integrate RealSense into your own project may be to use Windows and Visual Studio with three props files (configuration 'property sheets') packaged with the RealSense SDK software.

    If the full Windows version of the RealSense SDK software is installed then the props files can be found in the SDK folder.



    The full RealSense SDK can be installed on Windows by going to the SDK Releases page, scrolling down to the 'Assets' file list for a particular SDK version and clicking on the Intel.RealSense.SDK-WIN10 link to download an automated installer program that will install the SDK when run simply by clicking the 'Next' button a few times during installation.



    Once the SDK is installed and you can access the three props files in the SDK folder, the link below has a C++ Visual Studio tutorial shared by a RealSense user for creating a starter project using the props files.




    If you would prefer to use CMake to build the RealSense SDK and applications then you can certainly use that approach instead, with Windows and Linux computers.

    The link below has a simple C++ starter-project tutorial for using CMake to build a simple application that only integrates the RealSense SDK and not additional third-party dependencies.


    It is also well worth using the RealSense Viewer application to learn RealSense and then integrate the functions in the Viewer into your own C++ application using code, as the Viewer is a powerful pre-made menu-driven tool with many functions that is also easy to use.

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