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  • MartyG

    Hi Mohammadmahmoodi8020  You can attach multiple RealSense cameras to a single computer.  For more than two cameras a USB hub device is often used instead of plugging all of the cameras directly into the computer's USB ports. Adding more cameras consumes computer resources, so a PC with an Intel i7 processor or better is recommendable for using 5 cameras simultaneously on the same computer.


    If you will be using high resolution and frames per second (FPS) speeds then you may need to divide the 5 cameras across two USB hubs, as a single hub typically has a maximum data bandwidth of 5000 Mbps / 5 Gbps that is shared between all devices attached to the hub.  The higher the resolution / FPS used by each camera, the more of the hub's available bandwidth that will be consumed. 


    Tables provided at the link below provide bandwidth usage estimates for a range of stream configurations for up to 6 cameras on the same hub.

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